Deep down feelings on disability


Disability is a very complex issue and for many people, its leads to very complex feelings deep down with they themselves may not realise or understand. The normality of disability and therefore the true and meaningful equality of people with impairment, is not universally accepted and our existence is constantly being challenged. It is still regarded as a tragedy to become impaired or to have disabled people, and it is politically and socially impossible to welcome and celebrate disability still despite the claims we are equal.


Deep down, when people are confronted with disability they are often confronting their own attitudes to morality and vulnerability which may be positive or negative. Those who have recently acquired an impairment will be going through a process of change with a range of emotions and this is going to affect the way they see other disabled people, which can make them our ally and our enemy and this is shown by the increasing desire for pity by so-called disabled activists.


The deep down feelings are hidden and politically we are not comfortable enough as a society to debate them in a mature way, it is indeed going to many years before we get to the bottom of how many people feel.


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