The godsend of wetsuit booties


Now the real summer is upon us, I can think about doing some watersports including maybe surfing in Newquay. Beaches and lakes can be great fun but as something who finds it hard to walk barefoot in anything but carpet or smooth surfaces, moving around can be an uncomfortable experience. This is where I can wetsuit booties a godsend, whether I am also wearing a wetsuit or not. These can be solid full ankle style boots or softer pool shoes, either way they provide comfort within a wet environment.


It is often these small pieces of equipment and clothing that can greatly improve with life experiences and opportunities for disabled people. It is be knowing about the small solutions and being willing to give things a try, even when it is not normal to do so, that can make a big difference. An example is I have been wearing a wetsuit shorty in swimming pools, as well as lifejackets, long before it was acceptable and even sometimes fashionable to do so, because it met my own needs.


So thank you wetsuit booties and all the other devices that as helped me over the years.


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