Does the car industry encouraging benefit fraud?



The motability scheme used to be a small scheme that enables disabled people receiving DLA to exchange the mobility component of the benefit for a car on the 3 year lease scheme. Over the years it has grown in public awareness and popularity as the public acceptance of disability has grown. But when you start to hear adverts on the local radio from car dealerships focus on the fact they have motability cars, you must start to wonder what is carrying.


While more non-disabled people are unable to afford to run cars, cars remain a status symbol and maybe something people will try and succeed to be disabled for. A recent WeRspartacus report suggested one reason not to tighten the eligibility for PIP was the number of obviously non-disabled jobs that would be lost in the car industry. As the age of the car slowly dies for a number of reason, it could be argued it is artificially kept afloat by the motability scheme and therefore it is in the best interest for the numbers of disabled people claiming benefits to increase rather than fall.


We must therefore be careful to see the vested interests the car industry and others to encouraging the growth of disability for their own financial reasons.


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