You are not a charity


It is clear to me that many charities have grown so big, so powerful and so commercial that in reality they are no difference than commercial enterprises. Many charities no longer provide money to individuals to help them in whatever way but simply ‘third sector’ providers of government services on the cheap and with the endless excuse of “we are a charity”. I find it very worrying that in the name of Big Society, public services are handed to charities on the shy that depends on the portion of staff being so-called volunteers, as a new form in slavery enters this country.


I feel we should accept the era of charities as charities is over and require them to convert themselves to proper ‘social’ enterprises who are be honest about how many of donations in spent on staffing costs and doggy research, and how little is spent actually helping the people are claim to represent. And its shameful they claim to be the allies of whoever when they have a vested interests in creating victims so they can get bigger government contracts.


The illusion of charities must end and the public should smell the coffee and see how they are being fooled.


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