They treat us like animals


When I read some of the articles written in newspapers, even those that are supposedly written by disabled people, it is as we are animal as they describe our existence and our supposed need for fairness and compassion. There is firstly not a single group of disabled who all look, feel and think the same as we are all unique individuals. Secondly, I find the way the opposition to welfare reform has allowed so many people use disabled people as merely objects of pity easily available to be voiceless pawns to their political games disgraceful.


Disability is about the inclusion of people, it is not a welfare issue for the middle class to discuss at the dinner table in their ivory towers. We are not that comparable to saving the whale or preventing the fur trade, disability is certainly not the clean and tidy article people want it to be as its a messy and sometimes vail issue about people’s emotions, difficulties and hardships.


I will not the middle class liberals put disabled people in the neat box, wrap it up and stick a bow on as they stick us next to animal rights as an issue they can take pleasure from with their patronising pity.


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