What happened to rehab?


With all this talk about sickness and disability, I must myself what happened in the notion of rehabilitation? I know as a huge supporter of the social model I never thought I would be interested in rehab but I someone went through the process four years ago, after fighting for it, I understand what it is really about. When it is probably done, it is less about trying to cure people, when that is not possible in a reasonable manner, and more about supporting people to reach their maximum potential.


I fear too many sick people are being left on the scrapheap without proper opportunities for rehabilitation and so left unnecessarily dependent on benefits, particularly those with drug and alcohol addictions. These forgotten people are often further neglected when their children are turned into young carers, a odd situation where this country accepts child abuse, offering the child a holiday once a year from the abuse they are experiencing.


Rehabilitation needs to be put back on the agenda for the sake of individuals and society, as people should have the right and responsibility to reach their maximum potential rather than be left on the scrapheap.


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