The disability extremists


There are a vast range of disability groups and individuals which are campaigning and/or protesting about various aspects of the welfare reforms, and it is becoming very hard to understand where everyone is specific positioned in terms of their believes, understanding and tactics. Some are very well reasoned and while I may disagree with, do understand the issues. Other are, as Paul Maynard MP suggested before backing down, are more extreme is their believes and/or tactics, often due to a poor and narrow understanding of the me.


While I do disagree of WeRspartacus, I must give them credit for constructively engaging with myself and others in a manner that is rational, we certainly live on the planet even if we prefer in live in different countries. It is groups with Disabled People against Cut and the more extreme Black Triangle with lead the extremism with their totally irrational and nonsensical understanding  of the issues and pure hatred of organisations like ATOS that makes me shudder at the damage they are doing. These are two organisations specifically which need to be highlighted as extremists and dealt with accordingly.


The map of disabled activism has exploded and it is now very complex to know who is helpful and who is not.


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