A dangerous time for disabled people


In 2010, primarily due to the welfare reforms, the politics of disability radically changed from being about rights, inclusion and liberation to being about welfare, exclusion, money and victimhood. It is not what the government is doing that is dangerous to disabled people, but rather what the new generation of disability activists are doing, based by profit hungry charities and a politically naive media.


The rights and humanity many disabled people have fought for and won could now be lost because of the fact a new generation of disabled people is sticking two fingers up at the many opportunities and responsibilities made possible to them, in preference to playing the victim and worrying about the small amount of cash in benefits they believe they can have now rather than the rich rewards offered to them by actually following through on what is possible.


I fear this new generation focus on welfare has raised the profile of disabled people as being portrayed as economic burdens and this has laid the foundations for the eugenics movement to purse on the issue. If disabled people continue to demand rights and welfare but refuse to fulfil their social responsibilities out of some twisted notion of entitlement, than it will be easier to argue what is the point of keeping disabled people around when society needs to tighten its belt.


This is not an issue the government can resolved but only disabled people by smelling the coffee and saving their existence before it us too late,


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