I have broken a nail!


I believe we have a culture amongst some disabled people, and non-disabled people, especially those new to disability and often with a middle class background, to expect things to be totally perfect for this and complain bitterly to the smallest things, hence my metaphor of a broken nail. While I certainly believe disabled people should not face unnecessary discrimination, the reality is impairment, especially for those new to their conditions, should result in hardship and suffering.


Similar to someone who has been a victim of crime, or had a home fire, impairment is one of those things is life which is not so great and results in more work, more stress and a need to embrace the problem to grow stronger. Assessments, tests, extra costs and so on are just part of the cause and I feel should be irrelevant to getting on with the job at hand. I do not understand those who regard themselves as disabled and happy to take to benefits but are outraged at the downside.


It is like all the older people who request assistance at the airport because they see it as a right and perk of the holiday and when they are waiting in the departure lounge, they get out of their wheelchair since they are uncomfortable staying on them, part on them would like to lock them in with a lap belt!


Impairment is hard and no amount of complaining will change that.


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