Was the Paralympics that positive?


As the anniversary of the Paralympics approaches I am becoming tired of hearing the question of whether its ‘legacy’ has made any lasting affect on disabled people. The games were just a sporting event and a public display of medical model elitism that actually not the utopian dream people have imagined the games were.


I felt it was arrogant for many user led charities and activists to proclaim the games as their own, when they were not really involved and indeed have no interest in sport. It has been insulting how the media, big charities and many activists have used the games to continue their endless ‘feelings without facts’ attacks on the government to reinforce their victim model of disability. 


What was a ‘good feel’ event that has no political ambitions has been turned into a free for all whingefest that distracts from the idea of disability sport, especially as no one talks about disabled people taking part in a wide range of leisure activities, as it is too easy for portray us as welfare claimants who are simply victims of the government.


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