If Ms Nicky Clark had her way?


For this article I would like to refer people to the following article;




In this article, the author, Mrs Nicky Clark, explains her personal views of the abortion of disabled people where I feel she blunders poorly on the issue of choice. I am personally against the abolition of disabled people I recognised it is not be decision and that is the fundamental for women to have that choice. I however believe we should be creating a society where the abolition of disabled people is frowned upon.


And this is where I disagree with the attitude of Nicky. She uses the notion of the rights of the living in preference to those of the unborn to justify the abortion of potentially disabled human life. In particularly she uses her own prejudices as a ‘stressed parent and carer’, seeing disabled children as more burdensome than joyful, as an excuse for parents to not bother having these kind of kids. Rather than campaigning for parents of disabled children to be better support by a range of service so that a children’s difficulties are seen irrelevant to any decision making process, she makes these apparent difficulties expressed by ‘other parents’ as the central reason for her willingness to abort disabled babies, as well as calling anyone believing in life religious nuts, which I am offended at as an atheist.


She ignores the fact that while society is fixated with disability as a core reason for a poor quality of life, a child may within the first 18 years of their life has difficulties and be difficult for a wide range of reasons, most of which society does regard as just part of life like truancy. It is therefore insulting to portray the experiencs of parents of disabled children as something so difficult and worth than having any other of children.

Nicky views sadly reflect the many prejudices disabled people face in maintaining their right to exist. 

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