Sick people used to get better


As well as being a state of being, sickness is also an activity that society requires people to do in exchange for being financially supported while they are unable. The goal was and I would hope still remains of any sick person is to get better or reach a state where a condition is as stable as it can be and manageable. I must however wonder whether the lure and dependent on benefits, emotionally as well as financially, has lessened the motivation to do so?


Long term sickness is treated very similar to impairment in terms of benefits and services which can create an emotionally stability that is attractive and can be internalised as a right, when it is not the case. Clearly, many sicknesses has no cure and it is the attitude of the individual that can determine how positive they are in reaching a more fruitful final destination.


People need support to understand what sickness is, rather left to embrace a failure to take action.


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