Are most disability activists female?


I have met many disability activists in my time and I have reached a personal conclusion that a majority of them appear to be women, which I find interesting and certainly not a bad thing. I have always been interest of the physiology and sociology of identity in terms of impairment and identity, and the additional of gender to the mix adds an extra layer. I believe because the sick role, how society accepts sickness, was originally designed for the working man, many men find it easy to assume the passive role of being cared for.


Women have previously been denied the right to have time off to be sick, expected to continue managing a home and a family while quietly suffering while men could have time in bed when they were sick. The transfers into to impairment and I feel there is an unconscious feminist rebellion going on to reclaim their previously hidden identity as disabled and/so sick women. I find myself discussing more on twitter to female activists than male ones. I think also because I am gay and I have feminine thought processes, I can relate to them on some level. 


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