Needs vs entitlements


I believe there is a big difference between needs and entitlements in terms of both welfare benefits and social care. I see entitlement has someone people get between of specific labels given to them from various tick box assessments. The entitlements are often fixed amounts opt benefits or services which go somewhere to compensate people for the difficulties they are having and its an estimate and does not really fit neatly to the real needs people have.


Needs have to be considered to be individual and I believe are formed by understanding someone’s goals and therefore outcomes, along with their abilities and difficulties. If we had a combined welfare and social care system that really met individual’s specific needs, where they were no winners or losers, then I think it would change the conversation and remove people from the dependency culture that currently exists.


I think the meeting of needs as a matter of course rather than fixed entitlements has to be the way forward and it will happen.


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