If you do not like this wonderful country, leave!



It seems to me that since 2010 and the change in the government, it has become very fashionable to criticise what is a wonderful country, Great Britain and make extreme claims of how people human rights are being violated because they are not getting what they want when they want it. My reply to this is if this country is so bad, leave and find another country to moan about!


I challenge these persistent whingers to show me a better country for disabled people in terms physical access, social care, attitudes, financial support and public transport as a whole because I do not know any other country which comes close to the quality of life disabled people have in the UK. It is time many disabled people took a minute away from their self indulgence misery and actually appreciated the opportunities provided to them they feel fit to waste.


This is a wonderful country that deserves wonderful people, not those who always criticise it!


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