Why do some people seen resentful of cerebral palsy?


The politics of impairment is really complex and while many disabled activists that disabled people are an united group with common goals, this is far from the truth and there have always been tensions between differing impairment groups as one person fails the under the needs of other. In this context and after recent events, I would like to suggest that some people appear to recent people with cerebral palsy for reasons I find interested.


I feel as someone with cerebral palsy, I am often told I am lucky and I have it easy, because my impairment is visible. I also feel people are jealous of the level of support I receive without any willingness to accept the additional difficulties I may face. Cerebral Palsy is a traditional impairment which has long been out of fashion but its stability of identity is attractive to those who feel hard done by.


We need to value every impairment and recognition the specific and individual difficulties each one brings which can not be compared.


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