Equality in Nigeria and Prague


I often get the impression that despite my many articles and the fact I am in total control of my life, people often do not grasp the fact I lead a normal like. They have been many adventures in my life with demonstrates how inclusive and normally unusual my life have been.


The first was a students style summer project I did in Nigeria in 1994 with forty or so students from the UK teaching English and other subjects to local children in Lagos. To cut a very long story short, it was a nightmare of an adventure where I walked away quite unwell physically and maybe emotionally, but with many wonderful and powerful memories. The personal achievement for was I was the only disabled person on the project and while I had my fair share of difficulties, I did not allow this to prevent me from making my contribution.


In 1996, I did another similar project in Prague, where I ended up playing one of three Romeos and Julliets in a very special version of the play there are is, which I also helped write. Again I was the only disabled participant and an equal member of the group. For me, I believe the only way to change society is to get stuck in and demonstrate what disabled people can achieve, not sit on the sidelines complaining how I am not included!


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