Why are disabled people assumed to be poor?


The most frustrating myth arising from the welfare reforms is that all disabled people are always poor because if they are victims, what else would they be. While there is a traditional link between disability and poverty, I must wonder as the physical and attitudinal barriers from others reduce, we must assume that a new generation of disabled people will fully employed and access many new opportunities, and therefore will not be ‘poor’, whatever that means.


While charities and activists complain about the stereotyping of disabled people, they are the ones will reply upon these stereotypes to reinforce the victimhood ideologically. If people believe motability cars were made available to the rich, as well as the poor, it would weaken their arguments. By labelling disabled people poor, by the logic of self fulfilling prophecies, they are keeping disabled people poor!


Disabled people are as diverse as any other section of the population and therefore may be poor and may indeed not be poor!


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