Why do we bother educating disabled people?


Many disabled people with live long conditions consider themselves unable or unfit for work and can be assessed and tested accordingly, currently writing them off as able of make any contribution to society. So why do we not go a step further and use ATOS to assess people to see if they were worthy of an education if they will never be able to work? Using this logic, it means fair not to waste money educating people who will not benefit from it!


It is interesting of the disabled people who are capable of going to university and work hard to get a degree, and are then supposedly unable to work for one and other excuses! Why did society bother wasting money of providing a higher education to people who never really intended to use it. It is these double standards that really reveals how much disabled can or can not work! 


I believe every disabled person should in reality have an education because I believe in one way or other, the majority of disabled people can work.


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