My week in Water



I have a passion from watersports and I have been a water baby since well I was a baby! So getting the chance to spend a week in a wetsuit doing something I really enjoy is a dream come true and this is exactly what I am doing this week, windsurfing in Belguim, having my first holiday of any kind since Christmas. Sitting on my board in my wetsuit, booties, helmet and lifejacket, I can really blow the cobwebs away and prepare myself for the Autumn ahead.


The most difficult part of the week will be putting on and taking off my wetsuit, a nightmare especially if you have cerebral palsy. But a wetsuit keeps you warm by using your own body heat to warm up the water trapped by the wetsuit (as opposed to a drysuit that keeps you dry) and therefore it needs to be skintight to work. I am many kind of wetsuits for different types of activities at different times of the year. I found two piece wetsuits easier to put on, but it all depends on what you are doing and how warm the time of year is.


But it is so great to have a whole week in water and I am very happy indeed,


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