They huff and puff


Regular readers will have realised that as well as doing this blog, I am also now also blogging for the Huffington Post on a weekly to twice weekly basis, this is a very interesting experience, It is interesting that some of my articles so far has received few comments while other articles have received many more comments, My article of Urban Myths and ATOS received a total of 88 comments on the article itself, along with endless comments elsewhere, all is which have been quite negative and hostile, even personally hateful towards me.


It is interesting that how when people start to huff and puff, it seems to explode into a barrage of comments as they fail to understand what I have said, make huge assumptions about myself as well as making lie upon lie about how I am. It has been hurtful but I am thick skins and will not back down because a mob has decided they do not like me.


People can huff and puff all they like, but my house is not going to fall down!


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