Why do I need to work with Sue Marsh and others?



One of the responses I read on Twitter from one of my latest Huffington Post articles on representation was that they felt despite what they see as my extreme views, that they somehow needed to work with me. Sue Marsh responded to them saying that people had tried publicly and privately to engaged with me and failed because I was so uncooperative. Well, if she means I am not prepared to be a good little boy (and btw, I am 39!) and agreed with everything they say because despite the fact I have been around much longer than they have, they know best, than of course I am going to tell them to get stuffed!


What has Sue Marsh and others got to offer me since I doubt she would ever campaign for Changing Places, if she even knew what that was, and the many other issues of what she continuously keeps insultingly refer to as the profoundly disabled, like we are suffering souls better off dead! I am continuously told that sick people are not disabled because they can’t work until they want our benefits and rights, and then they are strangely happy to be disabled.


If Sue and others were truly prepared to meet me halfway and recognised I knew what I was talking about and there are a whole range of disabled people they do not understand as they tried to portray all disabled people like them, then I would be prepared also to meet them half way. The fact Sue and others seem not to accept many disabled people are happy being disabled, do not deal with ATOS, and will not suffer cuts, suggests they are playing a very different game to myself and I am not interested in their victimhood politics. I am also not prepared to compromise my desire to improve the lives of people with significant impairments, more than any other group, so I can pretend to be friends with someone who would simply pity me if she saw me in the street.


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