Why the ATOS Haters so rude to me?



Over the last months, I have been receiving some really nasty personal comments on specific articles I have written in the Huffington Post, both in their website, on twitter and elsewhere. These have been from people I have never met or had any kind of dialogue with. The comments are incredibly rude, offensive, nasty and while I hate to admit it, hurtful, especially because if they really knew me and what they were saying, which I don’t they are capable of understanding, they would not dare talk to me in this way and I doubt any of these mindless morons would have the guts to confront me face to face.


I am the ‘victim’, for a better word, of classic bullying and gang culture. They feel confident as they believe attacking me just because is going score them points with their so-called friends, who share a prejudiced towards disabled people. I am more and more convinced that people’s immense hatred for ATOS, regardless of what they think they know, is a crutch for their real deep prejudices for disabled people, as inferior beings unable to work and unworthy of equality. Their pity for people they personally regard unworthy of equality is an easy manifestation of their hatred of people with me.


And because I know the god awful truth and prepared to shout it from the rooftops, I am a threat to the comfort zone they have built to justify their prejudices as they turn a blind eye to abortions, mercy killings and abuse by family members since they just want the state to pay for these people to disappear, one way or another, even if that includes them. If disabled people are found fit for work, they may demand equality and the whole fabric of society will full apart, which can not happen. And since they can not rationally argue with me about this, even if they were capable, all they can do is abuse me with rudeness like the morons they seem proud to be.


If you like what I say, have a look at my site at www.simonstevens.com or follow me on twitter, @simonstevens74, or even leave me feedback on +44 (0)121 364 1974 or email simon@simonstevens.com  


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