Matthew Goodsell is a stupid boy


Matthew is someone who also has cerebral palsy and 30ish. In recent weeks he is decided to launch a systematic attack on myself after he had finally discovered my Huffington Post articles, two months after everybody else, because he says I have betrayed his community, which I assume he means the fake disabled who are offended at the notion disabled people can work, and see disabled people as inferior beings who should be paid off to suffer in silence, or be killed by their families.


I had to admit for a lazy boy, he has been busy. He has set up a petition to have my articles removed from the Huffington Post, demonstrating his hatred of free speech and therefore human rights. He has also put when intelligence abuse on my wikipedia page, linking it directly to hate speech. This boy has appeared to put his hands up to all the abuse against me and therefore i must assume was involved in the Wow Petition’s attack on my free speech, as well as DNS, in terms of going to the Labour Party conference. I must also assume he knows whoever ‘Edward Lee’ is and supports his weekly threats against me.


As the new self-appointment hit-boy of the Wow Petition or any other abusive organisations who wish me to disappear, I should explain his background. Despite having a PhD, he does not work and has never worked. He is not involved in any organisations and never helped anyone but himself. Despite pretending to be a working class socialist, like a lot of part-time disability activists, he is in reality a middle class Tory, who has abnormal fetish for David Cameron. He thinks because he went to university and knows a few big words, he is a world-class commentator on a blog only he himself comments on and this means he can attack me with a degree of arrogance I have never seen before. He has had nothing published and does not understand ‘his community’ in any way.


The joke is he tells me I do not understand disability and I should but out. Well, I do not obey stupid boys who know nothing about nothing, especially those who support a community which is demonstrating a hatred for disabled people as inferior beings hidden by their irrational hatred of ATOS. I am trying to improve the situation for disabled people, including those who deal with ATOS, and this boy is trying his hardest, which is not a lot, to make it much worse.  He wishes to have blood on his hands, but it will not be mine. I just hope one day he is forced to pay back the government for his higher education he is clearly refusing to use.


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