Frustration is frustrating!


A lot of people who do not agree with me say I am angry when I am either telling the truth as far as I say it, and I am frustrated. For many people with cerebral palsy, including myself, we find it harder to hide our emotions. The result of cerebral palsy is that we send either too little and too much communication or energy through our nerves to our muscles so that we either don’t move or spasm. When we get frustrated, the amount of energy is increased unconsciously and so we can appear angry.


One of the reasons for my frustration is that I see things very clearly and I have a good world view. I have the mental skills to knock the socks of anyone but because my typing is much slower than my thought processes, I am left frustrated at wanting to say so much. Twitter adds further frustration and so I am left with keyboard rage!


I am not sure that is ever going to be a solution to this and it is just a matter of understanding it and embracing. It is also about recognising this frustration in my other friends and foes with cerebral palsy, like Matthew Goodsell, and while not tolerating any abuse from them, understanding they own situation and help out when they are willing to be helped. 


Frustration could be argued as one of my weaknesses but it is something I have embraced.


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