A bit about my family


I do not talk about my family because they do not really have a place in my life. It has been at least a decade since I have last met any of them and 5 years since I have had any contact with any of them, expect my father and that is minimal. They are alive as far as I know and I do any think anyone can claim I am not easy to find or make contact with. I made a big effort to engage with them in the past and I feel if they want a relationship with me, they know where I am.


I did have a happy childhood but that has more to do with how I am rather than my relationship with my family, which was strained despite living with my mother, step-father, and only real sibling, my young real  brother.  I have more half and step siblings that I know and again if they want a relationship, they know where I am. I was certainly physically and verbally abused as a child although I was not a victim. I once confronted my stepfather purely on the facts and he has not spoken to me since, I do not think he understands I have moved on even if he has not.


My mother has a level of poisonous hatred inside her which took me a while to shake off as I grown into herself, and my brother was just embarrassed by me, and the fact I never tried to hide the fact I was disabled, like that was ever possible. To be the successful and independent person I am, I had to cut my family out of my life, to avoid being dragged into their prejudices of myself as a disabled person. It has therefore been the price I had paid and I not sure people realise how alone I have been at times in my life.


I do not imagine speaking to my family again and that is absolutely fine for me as I do not want negative people in my life. If they can forgive me for that fact I am myself, and themselves for failing to accept me for so long, then maybe maybe they will have a place in my life, but I am not holding my breath.


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