Threats do not fighten me


While I was on holiday I was keeping up with my Twitter feed, and I was amused when I had a tweet from Sue Marsh on Boxing Day threatening to ’sue my pathetic arse’ for slander and the many things she believed I incorrectly said about her. My first reaction was that it was very odd for her to lose her cool and perhaps she had one too many Sherrys in the indulgence of Christmas, especially as she usually gets some of her many minions to do the insulting on her behalf, since the boss never likes dirty hands, do they?


Sue’s threat was not the first I had in 2013, and I assume there will be plenty more this year. I know there are all hot air, especially if there was made in the apparent safety of Twitter, where they are trying to impress their followers more than anything else. If people would to email me with a sensible rational email that avoid the usual and unusual insults, then maybe then I would take it seriously. Even if it was serious, I am honestly not frightened and I really look forward to the fun of what would be a hilarious court case.


To successfully sue me for defamation of character’, they would need to prove what I said was incorrect, and I mean everything I say. While my weakest and strength is that I get straight to the point, I am more than happy to join the dots and there is a theoretical creditability to everything I say, which I don’t others realise I have since they may just say things without thought.


Then to claim damages, the whole point of this very middle class action, Sue and others would have to prove my actions had lost them earnings. This is very interesting since this would firstly be a huge admission that I was someone quite important to them, and secondly, what lost earnings can they declare if they are supposedly on benefit and unable to work?


So as the threats keep flying as I expose the truth behind the actions of many so-called disability activists, I say bring it on and if you have money to waste on providing me some great entertainment, I look forward to it.


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