What do I mean by ‘Work Shy Movement’?


In my last article on 2013 I referred to the ‘Work Shy Movement’ and I would like to provide a more in-depth explanation to what I mean by this. Firstly, I am not suggesting anyone who is a part of this movement is work shy themselves, quite the opposite as this is a middle class ideological movement of people who believe they can run the government from their dinner table.


I see it however as a belief in the right for people, particularly sick and disabled people to be unnecessary long termed unemployed out of charitable pity and the idea that a civilised and relevantly wealthily society should look after those they have decided to write off as week. In comparing an unemployed, sick or disabled person with an injured animal ore starving African, they are encouraged the idea of work shyness.


The ‘Work Shy Movement’ is a model that sees disability in terms of the medical model, that is sick and disabled people are naturally inferior and unable to work, preferring to sweep them under the carpet with insufficient benefits to keep them disempowered and ineffective. It is a movement peddled by many people claiming to be disability activists but it goes against the social model of disability and the true equality, inclusion and liberation of disabled people, ignoring and even destroying the work real disabled activists can been doing for 50 years.


Not all disability activists are the same, while those in the ‘Work Shy Movement’, a term I will use until they admit they exist and give themselves a title they find acceptable, are Welfarists, I am very much an inclusionist. 


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