I stand by what I say


I am aware a vocal minor of my twitter followers because i am just being controversial to cause a reaction but I do actually stand by what I say and happy to explain anything to the nth degree if someone would give me a chance. I have my own opinion and I am not a sheep who simply reacts in the way I am expected because all disabled people ’must be socialists’. It is other people who can not rational their hatred of ATOS but simply demand pity for disabled people, and if you refuse to accept their prejudiced reaction, they are the bullies who the beat the living daylights out of anyone who disagree with them with peer pressure.


I am not a bully, I am not angry or bitter, and I am not a Tory and I am not a criminal because I believe disabled people have the right to exist and responsibility to be fully contributing citizens. I am passionate and I will say what I see and what I believe and if people do not like that, I am sorry because that is their problem. Too many people are pretending to be activists, especially people they think they are disabled, and this gives have a justification for the prejudices they have for disabled people, including themselves as too many disabled people hate themselves and feel it is a crime to be positive about who they are. They do not want equality or inclusion but simply pity and cold hard cash. They use twitter like a middle class party of fake talks and popularised hatred of the government to hide their hatred of disabled people.


If people say ’they would love to work but…’, its means they have decided they will refuse to work because they think by ‘being disabled’, which they are probably not, they have an excuse not to do anything as they see the label as nothing more than a meal ticket. It is not ATOS who is killing disabled people, but it is the welfare activists who deliberately lie to disabled people in the hope they commit suicide. The reason for this is they are no real evidence of cuts and so need to murder people to have something to complaint about. I am angry that newspapers like the Guardian are involved in the mass murder which everyone is so proud about, dancing on the graves on the people they kill, simply because of an infantile hatred of David Cameron.


There is a live benefits debate on Channel 5 and I am sure the so-called disabled people asked to speak/moan/whinge will do an excellent job in tripling the suicide rate amongst disabled people with their nasty lies, especially as many welfare activists think real disabled people, those they feel sorry for as profoundly disabled, are better off dead, especially if it means more money for the work shy. I will not watch this neo-nazi disgrace as it is time people realise the government is protecting the rights of disabled people from the patronising neonazis masking as welfare activists who would ban all disabled people from working and kill us when the money runs out. The inclusion of disabled people is being lost because no one other than myself is confronting these prejudiced ‘activists’ and exposing them for the real traitors of disabled people they are as they use bedroom tax, food banks and the people they murder simply to attack a government and because they are angry and annoyed disabled people might actually gain equality as they are furious that ATOS is not writing off all disabled people as worthless, like they think we are.


I am happy to name and shame, and the leaders is the nasty work shy movement know who they are and please understand this is a war few people understand and I refuse to play nice with people who deep down think I am better off dead by their prejudices actions, however much they pretend otherwise. I always stand by what I say,


If you like what I say, have a look at my site at www.simonstevens.com or follow me on twitter, @simonstevens74, or even leave me feedback on +44 (0)121 364 1974 or email simon@simonstevens.com  


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