DPAC and me!


It is clear to me that there is a love/hate relationship between DPAC and myself, they hate me and I love the fact I annoy them! I admit that I have made myself an easy target for their attacks, ut I am quite happy with position I have taken with them.

I have spent the last few months working hard building bridges with people I respect who I have previously upset or offended, and I feel honoured to now regard many of them friends, which I believe and hope is mutual. DPAC is an ‘organisation’ I am very unlikely ever to want to get on with, and their recent childish antics at the recent DRUK conference on the future of independence living demonstrated the loony left dinosaurs they are as they behaved like they were at a trade union conference as oppose to an opportunity to shape the future, something they are not interested in.

They made openly criticism of my Achieve Support report but I am sure they have not bothered to read it. Their attitude is simply because I support the closure of the Independent Living Fund, to improve the quality of independent living people have, everything I say must be bad and I have to be a government controlled Tory voting traitor, despite making clear I support Labour!

The real issue between DPAC and myself is the difference ideology of collectivism and individualism. They believe change comes from disabled people coming together and working as a single group, who can not breath without a motion being proposed and seconded, and carried with a two thirds majority!

I believe that real change comes from the inspiration and determination of individuals who are willing to be subversive in they behaviour and push change, leading a revolution, including the creation of collectives. I believe that change has to come from leaders, like myself. I do not agree with their collective approach and they do not like the fact I am a lone ranger, unable to be controlled and unwilling to obey the rules of being disabled according to them.

This article has not been written in anger or frustration but as just a honest perspective of the conflict. I am sure members of DPAC and their ‘brothers and sisters’ in the disability community will read this article and be unable to be as philosophical, possibly writing long responses detailing what a bad person I am, falling into the trap of showing their inability to move on! 

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