Review: iReadWrite

iReadWrite is a neat word processor app for the iPad with powerful speech and word prediction capabilities. For people with speech or language difficulties, these makes a simple communication aid that is quick and simple to use. The word prediction side bar offers a seamlessly unlimited list of words that can be swiped onto the document as well as touched to speak aloud. The app also has a good spell checker and it has the option to storing documents on Dropbox, allowing them to by synced with the software on other iPads, although not desktop devices, as well as the usual sharing options.

The downside to the app is that it only comes with two voices, one of each gender, and I see no option to add more. The app offers no formatting options at all (eg Bold, Italic or Underline) or any option to change the font or its size, limiting its accessibility to many users. It is therefore a text processor as opposed to anything else.
Overall, the app is great if you want a fast way of typing text on an iPad to be sent to other apps or read out, especially in combination with the many keyboards with word prediction now available on iOS 8, but this is not a word processor.  
Rating: 70%


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