Review:ReadWrite Gold for Mac

ReadWrite Gold is potentially a very powerful collection of tools to assist people with language difficulties to improve their read and writing while on the go, working with apps like Microsoft Word. However, the software is badly let down by its primitive 1990s style interface, which is very off-putting and makes the app feel like a total stranger to the elegance expected of OS X Yosemite apps. The icons do not reflect current norms, and it makes a clumsy use of windows, making the application very user unfriendly.
However, it does have some redeeming features including a good dictionary with a powerful thesaurus although a limited amount of words, as it did not have ‘wetsuit’ for example. I also liked the picture dictionary and the fact the dictionary and other windows automatically updated as you typed. The word prediction feature was basic and clumsy to use. It has many other features that are potentially very powerful and again let down by its poor interface.
Overall, while the features may warrant its heavy price tag, the application’s interface needs a major facelift to avoid it looking like fool’s gold! It is hard to fully appreciate its features simply due to the disappointing interface.
Rating: 50%

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