Public Warning: Poor Customer Service of Disabled Access Holiday

In January I went with my best friend, Patrick Bates, on a Caribbean cruise departing from Florida. The cruise was amazing, although we had a few hiccups, primarily with the hoist Patrick thought had been booked for the first night in a hotel.

We had booked the Cruise with ‘Disabled Access Holidays’ and while they managed to book most things, we had to arrange the special assistance for the flight and we were not informed of the level of paperwork that was involved like the ESTA waivers for America.

While the difficulties we had could be excused, what can not be excused is the poor customer service from the company, particularly from its managing director, Michael Davis. He basically implied that our booking was too much book, and that it could be considered a act of charity, which I assume we should be grateful for.

On this basis, Disabled Access Holidays receives an official Simon Stevens Thumbs down and so this public warning has been issued. Please share widely!

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