Statement on post-sanction support

I have shown by support for benefit sanctions because I believe people must take responsibility for their actions. I have been deeply concerned at the level of bigotry towards people with learning difficulties or mental health issues by those who oppose sanctions for their own ideological reasons. By suggesting someone is incapable to be sanctioned is suggesting they are unable to work, therefore educating them is pointless and so we might as well kill them at birth!

I am aware I had appeared heartless and this is because I have not explained my believe in the importance of post-sanction support. In the same way that a parents will sends a child to bed without supper is most likely to bring them a sandwich or something later on to ensure they do not go hungry, I believe people who have been sanctioned should have the appropriate level of support, including discretionary payments, to ensure they do not go hungry and remain safe and well.

Therefore the purpose of sanctions should merely be used to shock people into taking responsibility for their actions, and it is how they responded to the post-sanction support that will determine how much they may ‘support’. If someone is uncooperative with the support made available to them then there is little that can be done.

I hope this statement clarifies my position on the matter.

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