What does Jeremy Corbyn really mean for disabled people?


As the Monday after the weekend before, we are all waking up and pinching ourselves, did Labour really hit the self-destruct button? As every left wing anti-‘everything and anything’ activists, many fresh out of nappies mostly, now feel unchallengeable as their moral high ground on Twitterville has apparently hit the mainstream, the rest of us now need to get on with living under a Tory government for the long term.
And in terms of disabled people, the worse can now be expected. It is quite scary for me to see John McDonnell has been appointed as Shadow Chancellor. As a left wing MP, he has been very anti-austerity and therefore very anti-inclusion, as a major puppet of the left wing sick movement. The sick movement wants people with minor impairments to have the right not to work, and ask for benefits unchallenged as opposed to being assessed.
The price is the automatic exclusion of people with higher support needs, including myself, as a carer issue. Under new old Labour, I fear their hatred of free enterprise will see the nationalisation of assistance and support services, and the return to long stay hospitals. If informal care is regarded as a form of abuse under trade unionist values, we should see more disabled people being institutionalised to protect the rights of women. Personal budgets and other freedoms will be regarded as neoliberal slavery and probably be halted, ending independent living for most. It is also likely eugenics will remain something to be desired by Labour, leading to a dangerous mix.
I have tolerated the rise of the sick movement, and their attack on the inclusion of disabled people, because I believed their viewpoint would never fully be supported by mainstream politics, merely used to attack the government without really supporting it. Now, the sick movement owns the Shadow Disability agenda, and the rest of us have been thrown out of the room for being too positive.
Their bigotry towards disabled people, as people unfit for mainstream society, will be further exposed as their confidence grows. They believe that in disability issues, there is no need to debate the issues, just give more money to pay people to be excluded from reaching their potential. The more bluntly they attack the government committed to include disabled people into society, which they fundamentally oppose, the more their bigotry will start to be exposed to the public.
Labour may not win the next election, but it does not mean the left wing will not succeed to damage the lives of disabled people with their rhetoric. The irrational pity for disabled people and their hatred of disabled people even being assessed in determining their abilities, remains the only weapon Jeremy Corbyn has to continue to focus on his anti-austerity agenda. When the public sees that most disabled people are unaffected by the cuts in terms of what they can achieve, and that there is an unhealthy take culture amongst those who define themselves as sick, his power to abuse disabled people for his own agenda may disappear.
The battles between the left and disabled people who want a meaningful existence have just stepped up a notch, and our very lives will be in jeopardy if Jeremy became Prime Minister. It is now time to publicly expose his left wing movement’s bigotry towards disabled people, which has for too long been wrapped up nicely in the name of fairness and compassion.

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