Why is the United Nations working with Disabled Terrorists?

As it is now generally known, the United Nations are investigating the UK for violations of the ‘rights’ of dysabled people. This is upon the request of ‘Disabled people against cuts (DPAC)’, who as far as I can see have complained about everything you could possibility complain about in the home something may stick.

It is very important to understand that the investigation has been done in secret and as far as I am aware only DPAC and left-wing ‘disabled’ activists who oppose the full inclusion of dysabled people are being interviewed, as there has not been any public call for evidence.

It is important to also understand DPAC are terrorists who have stormed parliament to harm MPs, are linked to death threats against ATOS staff, and have probably caused suicides by their pro-eugenics exclusion agenda. This would be no different than the UN taking the word of the IRA over the people of Northern Ireland.

Their complaint is entirely welfare led, framing dysabled people, or anyone who wants to be dysabled, as naturally unproductive burdens who must be paid whatever they want to sit at home doing nothing in the name of compassion and fairness until Labour can legalise their murder, as already attempted.

Inclusive London, another left wing organisation fighting to exclude dysabled people while being paid to ‘represent’ us, have prepared a report of how dysabled rights have ‘regressed’. It is merely a collation of every anti-dysabled lie and conspricacy theory peddled by welfare activists over the last 5 years, who mostly think people with high support needs like myself are better off dead, simply to pay for benefit fraud if nothing else. This was highlighted when the report stated that a national benefits fraud hotline was a breach of ‘disabled people’s’ human rights because it caused ‘stress’. Again, no one interested in the quality of our live experiences and opportunities, just money, money, money and money.

Last week, a vocal exclusion activist Jenny Morris summed up the general myth in an article when she argued the rights of dysabled people are regressed in the last 5 years. Her basically argument is less money means less rights. It is firstly based on the idea that anyone society labelled disabled must be entitled to the same level of resources. So an alcoholic or drug addict must receive 24 hours care if they want it unchallenged, since assessments are now a hate crime.

She cites ILF as the holy grail of ‘independent living’ but ignores the increasing evidence it failed most users, enabling family abuse and causing over-dependency, which only a future generation will listen to. But we must remember she is part of the movement who celebrated a cold blooded murder, Fiona Pilkington, because she was a carer and it made money for the hate crime movement, teaching dysabled people to be disempowered victims.

The UN report, funded by trade unions and linked to terrorism, will say whatever DPAC has demanded is said, that the full and meaningful inclusion of dysabled people is against their human rights and they must be paid a lot of money to sit at home doing nothing as it is ‘wicked’ to make them work, even if anyone believes they could. 

It is a report written by bigots for bigots and shows the real state of dysabled politics, where Jenny Morris et al demand our rights to exist are removed because it is our right not to exist. The way forward is now for a new grass roots movement to form from dysabled people who want real inclusion through meaningful debate without being controlled by anti-inclusion socialists. Sadly, while DPAC, Jenny et all have the power to exclude us, this will take many years to happen. 

The future is not about label-based money but the attitudes of dysabled people themselves and how they are supported on an individual level to grab the opportunities they have.

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