Labour’s Disablism Problem

In the light of Ken Livingstone’s and Naz Shah’s suspension over antisemitic comments, which I support, is it now time for the Labour Party to sort out its disablism problem?

What do I mean you ask as Labour loves the disabled? Well, not really as Rob Marris, a Labour MP, proposed last year in a private members bill to legalise Assisted Suicide, basically allowing disabled people to be killed ‘nicely’ by their families without redress. The bill failed.

Now, if that was not bad enough, it was publicly and openly supported by the then Shadow Care Minister and former leadership candidate, Liz  Kendall, the person who is supposed to keep us safe. It has also been on the record supported by Kate Green, former shadow minister for disabled people and now Equalities Minister. So the person who is paid to make me feel I am an equal member of society really thinks I am better off dead!

Lets add, the Torys who are portrayed as evil and heartless for not wanting to pay disabled people to sit at home all day are mostly against assisted suicide, as step one to a wider eugenics agenda.

Baroness Jane Campbell and Tanni Grey-Thomson, have proclaimed themselves as the parliamentary voice of disabled people in recent years. If disablism, the natural believe  disabled people are better off dead is equal to antisemitism, a subject I support without understanding, why have they not called for their suspension from Labour and parliament?

Both when Jane and Tanni have both actively campaigned against the government’s inclusion agenda, demanding people are paid £30 a week to sit at home doing nothing all day, excluded from society as ‘unfit citizens’, what can I expect?

While Corbyn may promise many sweets and an easy ride for those with lesser impairments, it is going to be paid for by the now public eugenics agenda of a Labour Party I do not recognise and even fear as someone with higher support needs. Politics has become serious and anything is possible.

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