The Welfare Movement’s 2040 Dystopia

It is 2040 and I have been living in Budapest for over a decade when I escaped from England. I now work as Head of Impairment Inclusion for the Freedom Alliance, under my amazing Chief Executive, Bill Windsor, who started the organisation when his throne was abolished over 15 years ago.

President Corbyn of the Republic of England has now been in power for 20 years, and he has certainly made a lot of changes, none of them for the better. The New Parliament based in Manchester recently celebrated its 10th year since opening in 2029,  3 years after London was nuked ‘accidently’ by Emperor Trump, which Corbyn apologised for, refusing to do anything else.

Unemployment was abolished in 2024 when Socialists England (formally the Labour Party) set up the Work Allocation Service. Everyone who is considered able to work does 20 hours a week and is paid E£1000 a week, the same amount as the basic income of those unrequired to work.

In order to access any public service in England for yourself and your family, you have to be a member of one of the 137 recognised trade unions. In order to be a member of any trade union, you must fill out the standard 280-page application form, asking everything about you and your views. To be successful, you must agree to the 36 principals of neo-socialism. You also must be willing to pay the E£2500 annual fee.

People who are not members of a trade union are referred to by the nationalised media as outcasts. Outcasts are prohibited from working, paid E£100 a week, and allocated accommodation in one of the many welfare housing complexes. The complexes are often former student accommodation that was abandoned after higher education was abolished as ‘unnecessary’ in 2032.

Outcasts may also access food parcels at one of the many Food Allocation Centres, often at former Tesco’s stores after the company abandoned the country in what the rest of the world saw as England’s Great Depression, which Corbyn refers to as the Realignment. All industries are now nationalised and work under very strict government regulation.

My greatest concern is England’s poor record on the opportunities and inclusion of people with impairments as defined by the OIPWI Convention of the International Alliance, which replaced the discredited United Nations in 2028. Since the legalisation of Assisted Suicide in 2021, it is now seen as the preferred solution for anyone who has a Productivity Value Score (PVS) less than 64%, which is 80% of anyone defined as having an impairment in 2018. My PVS is 23% and hence why the Impairment Resistance smuggled me out of the country in 2028.

Unlike Scotland, Wales and New Ireland, who kept progressive thinking governments during the expansion of the Amercian Empire before its recent collapse, England’s answer to the far right was the far left, making it the poorest country in the Modern World after Africa found its oil supplies. The country I grew up in has disappeared completely and it is only the work of organisations like the Freedom Alliance, who try to bring the concept of freedom to the country, which provides hope for many of the country’s ever growing outcast population.

If I could go back to 2020 and explain to the then English and Welsh people the damage electing Jeremy Corbyn would do in the name of welfare, I would. Bill has spent a lot of his own money he earns from his public speaking on Temporal Interactivity research, building a time machine, and there has been some progress on sending emails back in time, but there is still a long way to go. Meanwhile,  the fight against neo-socialism continues.



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