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April 2017

I am a leading independent dysability issues consultant, researcher, trainer, controversial inclusion activist, campaigner, and social change agent, based in Coventry (UK) with vast experience and expertise in a wide range of fields including dysability equality, independent living, health policy, social care, lifestyle advocacy, employing personal assistants and Secondlife. I have worked with many organisations of all types since 1990 nationally and internationally and I am also the founder of Wheelies, the world’s first dysability themed virtual nightclub, and star of Channel 4’s dysability prank show, I’m Spazticus as well as being a blogger for the Huffington Post. I also have cerebral palsy that affects my speech, balance, hand control and sense of humour (in a positive way).
Having Pride is the story of Simon Stevens, a man with significant impairments who has defied many social norms and expectations to achieve more than anyone could ever imagine. Born in 1974, within an era when society had little expectations for what people with impairments could achieve if anything, Simon fought to be heard and be able to reach his full potential as a leading and experienced independent dysability consultant, trainer and social change agent. This became a lifelong mission for him as he battled against an oppressive society to achieve his goals and outcomes.
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Understand Assistance is an e-book guide for People who employ Personal Assistants. It is be a comprehensive guide exploring every aspect of the employment and management of personal assistants, as well as the qualities and skills a personal assistant may need. The guide will cover the preparation needed to successfully employ personal assistants, the recruitment process, employment law, disciplinary and grievances processes, managing finances, interpersonal skills, active safeguarding, guidance on specific issues, and much more. The aim of the guide is to a straight talking guide that is also sensitive to the diverse range of needs of employers and personal assistants.
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This ‘Achieve Support’ discussion paper details a concept for the implementation of a fully integrated impairment related assistance and support assessment and allocation system and process as described by Simon Stevens, an independent disability consultant working in the adult social care and disability field. The intention is that the proposed idea would replace much of the policies, systems and structures of adult social care and disability related welfare benefits within the UK. The concept can be seen as a combination of ideas and principles that has been brought together in a coordinated and coherent concept in how social care and disability related support, designed for children, young people, working aged adults and older people, can be delivered effectively and efficiently in a manner that is truly personalised and able to meet future funding requirements.
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