Labour is not the party for all disabled people

While this election will be remembered as the Brexit election it has not stopped many disabled activists from trying to bring their concerns of the welfare reforms to the forefront. While campaigns like #cripthevoteuk proclaim themselves as non-partisan, it is clear that it is in reality a left-wing rant against the Tories. For these activists, they believe passionately and arrogantly that every disabled person, all 13 million of us, will want to vote Labour without hesitation regardless of the fact that they see it as our moral duty.

WIth the core message that the Tories kills disabled people through the benefit assessment system, something yet to be properly proven in an unbias setting, their see Corbyn’s still publicly undisclosed economic utopia as the future for disabled people. This seems to be solely based on the idea of anyone with any impairment has nothing to contribute to society and merely inferior beings who require paying off and warehousing, prejudice and bigotry disguised as fairness and compassion.

While a minority of people with impairments at the frontline of the welfare reforms who have come from the vulnerability machine of the NHS will be convinced their victimhood lifestyle, celebrated by the immorality of the left wing, is the experience of all disabled people, it is simply foolish to believe all 13 million disabled people will vote against the government. We are not a homogeneous group but rather individuals who all have our own issues and beliefs. There is however a level of implied anti-government support that I find slightly intimidating. No one wants anyone to experience unnecessarily and preventable hardship but implying it is entirely the fault of the government is unhelpful.

One of the main reasons I am not voting Labour is because last year and directly to my own face, my own Labour MP was unwilling to even pretend to show his opposition to the Assistied Dying bill. Labour support for Assisted Dying, the legal killing of disabled people because they are disabled, is greater than the Tories. I also fear that deep down, the attitude that disabled people should not have to be assessed for benefits, because ‘it is obvious’, is the same attitude that would justify mercy killings of the ‘really disabled’, like myself, who Labour sees as the problem of heroic unpaid carers. It is an attitude that makes me sick to my stomach and I get so frustrated other people do not see this inhumanity that history will berate!

Protecting the ‘vulnerable’, including disabled people in a way that is simply historically abusive, seems to be the last message a dying Labour Party has. Labour is not interested in me making a contribution to society but rather simply paid to be thrown on the scrapheap because it makes other people feel good inside, especially when this modern day oppression can be framed in terms of human rights. There may be a proportion of disabled people who want this equivalent of black slavery, those the complicit media are happy to interview with their career-long sob stories, but there is a silent majority of disabled people, who have no motivation to rock the boat, who simply get on with it and will vote the way they feel.

Disabled people are individuals and they will vote as individuals. Labour and the left-wing activists who have hijacked disability as their issue may assume they have our votes sewn up but this is very far from the case.

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