Labour disabled activists seem to support legalising killing disabled people

As I have said previously, one of the reasons I am not voting Labour is that during a Lobby at Portcullis House on the Assisted Dying Bill, my Labour MP was unwilling to even pretend o show me that he was interested in my concerns and the fact I want my right to live to be protected. Many Labour MPs have publicly shwon their support for Assisted Dying, including Kate Green and Liz Kendall. I fear that as opposed to Conservatives, the left wing ideology is more supportive of Assisted Dying even if there are somewhat quiet about it.

So what is the problem with Assisted Dying? I thank it is firstly important for me to say that I believe everyone should have a good End of Life experience that includes a pain-free death as far as this is possible, even if thats means using medication to ease the process in what remains a process of actively dying with no coming back. What I oppose is whenb someone who has been diagnosed with a progressive disease who does not yet experience any significant symptoms being able to book an appointment with their GP at some arbitrary point in the future for them to come around and kill them because they do not wish to be a burden to others.

I have argued the reasons against Assisted Dying before and this is not the focus here. My point that if the Tories are the so-called nasty party towards people with impairments, you could almost forgive some of their MPs for supporting it. But Labour, especially under Corbyn and his wonderful red flag, are supposed to really care about us as they promise us a new utopia. But the reality is that Labour, supported by bigoted organisations like ‘Disabled People Against Cuts’, see disabled people as unfit for work and therefore unfit for society, who should be paid currently unlimited amounts of welfare. However, this welfare model is vocally based towards people with lesser impairments, meaning those with higher support needs are being pushed out. I further fear that with Labour’s heroic portrayal of informal carers, denying those being ‘cared for’ personhood, that mercy killings will become a socially accepted norm under the red flag. It will also be a win win for Labour in keeping the welfare bill under control based on the attitudes that existed in Nazi Germany.

The disabled activists who have dug themselves into a hatred of the government from seven years of social media chinese whispers, with myth upon myth, response to my concerns about Labour’s silent eugenic agenda is complete denial, to the point they will not even dispute my concerns. This is the point I am bombarded with insults, accusations about my mental health and blocked for being a troll, the new Labour term for someone who speaks the truth.

The question to answer are do these activists, who probably never met someone with high support needs, really support assisted dying? or are they are just stupid, hating the government simply because their disability assessment did not go the way they wanted without any interest on the real impact a terrible Labour government will have upon all people with impairments? It seems legalising the killing of people with impairments is a price they are willing to pay to keep their benefits!

2 thoughts on “Labour disabled activists seem to support legalising killing disabled people

  1. I really don’t think that indicting Assisted Dying and using it to say that Corbyn would, for example, implement a euthenasia programme, _especially_ as compared to the 10K per year who have already died in this country as a direct result of Conservatives’ policies and the ConDemNation, is accurate, and I also don’t think, even if it were somehow accurate, that it would be helpful to winning any degree of Revolution in the rights of the Disabled.
    I am a conditional supporter of Corbyn. I am using him, like he’s using the rest of us. He’s only in my corner as long as he stays significantly to the Left of the rest of the ruling class. The moment he drifts towards centre, or the moment he becomes a Blairite, he gets a bullet just like the rest of these fuckers all get a bullet.
    But because Class War won’t win the Snap Election, and Occupy London isn’t running, we gotta do what we gotta do.
    I really find articles like yours unhelpful. And don’t try to tell me I am inexperienced or that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Some of those 10,000 a year for the last 7 years have been my personal friends, as I’m sure many of them have also been yours.


    • simonstevens74 says:

      This gov kills no one. Suicides were wrongly blamed and likely creating by the bigoted left wing activists who think people like me are better off dead.

      But since the left thinks all people with impairments are unfit for work, and real disabled people should die so the trade union workshy can have the money, someone ingrained in this bigotry will not care.

      Keep the left wing killing people with these lies.


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