This election has shown how toxic (less real) disability has become

This election has been extremely bitter in terms of my relationship with other so-called ‘disability activists’. It has shown to me how successful the left wing sick movement has been in hijacking the disability agenda, booting out real disabled people with real issues, so those who can work but moan how stressful life is can keep their benefits.

Disability has wrongly become another word for poverty and only seen by most political parties as a welfare issue for people with a long term health condition. So now if you take tablets on a regular basis, not only can you have the privilege of calling yourself a disabled person, but you are now more important than real disabled people, who are now seen politically pointless, the first ones to go within an increasingly pro-eugenics society.

I am saying real disabled people on purpose because it causes upset and I am pleased if that this is one thing that makes them listen for a split second. I have been verbally beaten black and blue during the election for the simple belief of inclusion for everyone regardless of anything. I don’t feel at this stage I need to explain it because everyone knows what I am talking about. Like people know the difference between working class and middle class without being able to explain it, people know the difference between someone with significant impairments and people with less impairments or health conditions.

We have different issues and I would be happy if political parties were looking at the issues of real disabled people, like Changing Places in all public areas, as well as pandering to the sick movement. But the sick movement have been selfish and hijacked the whole movement. They hated the social model and decided to rip up the values real disabled people have fought for over the last 50 years like inclusion and citizenship because ‘employment’ is a ‘neoliberal conspriacy’. So long as sick people keep their benefits, ideally without an assessment, real disabled people can die and go to hell.

When I hear the inclusion of real disabled people being described as pointless and a waste of money, time and energy, I am shocked at how similarly these views are what existed in 1930s Nazi Germany. The sick movement has unwittingly unravelled an avalanche of bigotry towards people with impairments, that was always beneath the surface. As opposed to dealing with it, they are using this bigotry they support to emotionally blackmail the public to vote Labour. Labour is not only pandering to the sick movement while ignoring real disabled people, they have been infected by the sick movement who demand real disabled people like myself say silent to they can keep their dictorship of the agenda.

I have failed to find one active organisation or campaigner who is truly standing up for real disabled people, to fight for the meaningful inclusion of all people with impairments regardless of anything without excuses or exception. I am brutally ashamed to be linked to a sector that has now kept all ppeople with impairments disempowered, using values they taught me which I now discover they never actually agreed with.

I have been a big fish in a small pond, the disability sector for too long , and the water has become too toxic. I now realise that the corruption of the agenda is unrepairable and it is now time for me to move on to mainstream policies and issues, as an inclusion consultant, being a smaller fish in a bigger pond. My change in my job title shows what I believe and away from the battle needed to defend real disabled people, I do oppose labels and I really want everyone to get want they need when they need it.

However, my kindness with those I work with now has to be earned, and if you can not stand up for the principle of inclusion without excuse or exception, with ‘but not everyone can’, then I will see you as a problem to be removed. Those you want to know me will see my commitment to everyone. Those who do not understand how damaging the sick movement has been to the lives of real disabled people, to the point they have spouted lies to cause suicides. will always simply see the angry side of myself they will simply dismiss like everything else to do with real disabled people!

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