The life story of a drooling spastic


Now the election is over, it is time for me to get on with my own life and try to find some paid work. In this small period of calm before we become busy again, I wanted to tell you about ‘Having Pride’, my life story as someone who can be accurately and cheekily be described as a drooling spastic amongst many other things. This is a story that has been described by readers as a very frank and honest account of the experiences of the triumphs and difficulties of someone with a significant level of cerebral palsy.

Unfortunately, before you get to the story you have to navigate what I have been reminded is terrible spelling and grammar in the book. I have tried and proofread the book a number of times. Unlike many books you see, this has been self-published and I made the decision that it was better to get the book out in the public domain to read rather than stuck on my hard drive and cloud until I tried the never ending task of making it perfect.

Having Pride is not a best seller but it has the potential to be essential reading for anyone working in the health and social care sectors who want to understand how social policies really impacts people with significant impairments on the ground, and what someone like myself really thinks as a three and even four dimensional character. The story details my ups and downs, my frustrations and what excites me and gives a honest account of my childhood and development into the person I am today.

If you are interested in understanding the experiences of growing up with a significant impairment better, than this is for you. This book is probably more education than entertainment as I provide an accurate account from my own perspective that is likely to be considered blunt and raw. It does explain my achievements but this story is not self-indulgent, only showing my best bits. I can be a complete bastard and I am actually proud to be able to show that quality.

I have priced my book at just £1.99 on Amazon for a Kindle book because I want it to be affordable for students studying in the field, and for it to be a price worth gambling for a book that is out of the ordinary. This is a book that is likely to give you an insight to the contemporary issues affecting someone with a significant impairment in a way no other story as provided. I believe few people have the skill to be a participant of a system and an observer at the same time in the way I have been able to.

So for less than the price of a posh coffee, I politely urge you to go to and buy my book and plug your mind into my way of thinking.

One thought on “The life story of a drooling spastic

  1. Steve Green says:

    If it’s not finished why charge? Reading the intro alone I found numerous errors so I’m assuming this is just a first draft. It’s your choice but for someone always saying he isn’t intellectually impaired this isn’t doing you any favours.


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