Dysability is an issue with many sides

Every issue has at least two sides to it, and this includes dysability. It is only with honest and frank discussion from people with a wide range of views that increases the collective understanding of the issue. The issue of dysability is a very complex one to those who understand it, but I fear few people do.

Many current ‘disability’ activists and the media generally as simplified the issue into one about welfare and rights. There is a widespread assumption that there is a single right way to see disability, and an immoral and politically incorrect wrong way to talk about it. This is shown in how the media portrays the issue in terms of ‘discussions’ as a David vs Goliath situation, where an angry disabled person (David) is seen slaying an often ill-informed and certainly ‘non-disabled’ government representative. The outcome of the discussion is obvious and nothing but pre-empted self-congratulation on the part of the political correct audience.

If any dysability issue is going to be forced to be seen as a party political issue, then it must be understood that there will be people with impairments on both sides of the debate from both parties. In the same way other social groups will have individuals on both sides of the issue, where the media will seek an opinion from them in something like a BBC Newsnight discussion, the same has to start with the issue of dysability.

The problem is this polygon of opinion has to be seen within the media within the dysability ‘community’ itsen before the mainstream media will be brave enough to follow suit, but this is not happened. Those with the current majority view within this community is obsessed with the falsehood of appearing ‘united’, viciously stamping on anyone who refuses to conform to the community’s bible of restrictive thought. This is why people with impairments who are active in the Conservatives are legitimately abused and threatened by those who conform to what ‘the disabled’ must think.

John Pring’s Disability News Service should ideally be the platform to promote a wide range of views from many people with impairments but instead, it is a centre point for those who disapprove of open discussion and an emotional headquarters for those who need to hunt down anyone unwilling to conform to the ‘majority’ view with threats and abuse, now controlled by left-wing extremists with primitive answers to complex issues, like calling supporting people with impairments into work eugenics.

It is time all people with impairments had a real voice in the complex issues that affect them, and that the media should accept there will be people with impairments on both sides of the debate, rather than remaining compliant with the desire of left-wing activists to stamp out views they disagree with. I know many people often support my viewpoint on many issues but fear publicly saying them themselves because of the abuse of left wing activists. The media generally has to be better at challenging sources like Disability News Service, and serve the viewpoint of all people with impairments better.

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