Why do most disabled activists fear proper debate?

I am aware that it looks like I am repeating myself with some of my blogs, including this one, but each piece is a part in a wider jigsaw puzzle. Although it has thankfully now stopped, the last six weeks or so, I have been battling the wrath of trolls, so-called left wing disabled activists. I resolved the issue in a manner I will explain in a future blog. I refer to them as trolls because despite my lack of engagement, they feel the need to make dismissive or personal remarks at everything I say as opposed to responding with constructive criticism.

I believe I frighten people because as well as knowing what I am talking about, I ask relevant questions as opposed to just taking everything at face value. The activists general response to my opinion is where is my evidence but I do not need concrete evidence to have an opinion based on my logical understanding of a situation. We also live in an era where evidence can be easily manufactured with unscientific and unvalidated internet surveys from organisations with an agenda.

It is easy to have evidence to support a financially funded untruth, the truth however is often undesirable and no one is going to pay for research to hear what they do not want to know. Because my viewpoint is not what is normally expressed and outside people’s comfort zone, even if it is supported by a silent majority unwilling to be vocal because the fear of the abuse I evidently received, it is never going have any formal evidence to support it despite being as clear as day to myself.

A proper debate leaves evidence aside and allows conjecture and off the wall theoretical situations to be explored to their ultimate conclusions, allowing space for the unbelievable to be considered for the a brief moment. However, most disabled activists simply endlessly repeat taught rhetoric as a blanket defence to any challenge to their ideology.

If we talk the accusation widely banded about to cover all criticisms of the left, that the government (the Torys) have killed tens of thousands of disabled people, it is hard to know where to begin. Most activists who use this accusation on social media, in blogs and so-called news articles have very little understanding of what range of evidence and statements this relates to. It is simply an untruth created by Chinese Whispers that is seen as fact because of their political beliefs. They often have no or little understanding of disability issues, or any real compassion for the lives of people with impairments outside the welfare agenda and framing of the left.

This is not the place to unpick this untruth but my response is please show me one police investigation that shows a civil servant is responsible for the killing of a single disabled person, outside the bias speculation of an coroner of the reasons someone may have decided to commit suicide, which is a complex and sensitive issue. But ‘killing disabled people’, which is peddled as a fact by Labour, EHRC, UN and many other organisations is used to justify throwing many disabled people on the scrapheap without assessment as a matter of fact.

Disability is a complex issue and it requires a complex debate which most disabled activists are unwilling to have because of the fear their bigotry is exposed. Their only defence to the truth they wish to avoid is to abuse myself and others who challenge the current assumptions made in order to achieve a proper debate.

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