The Battle for Disability


When I talk about the negative attitudes of left wing activists towards the idea that all people with impairments have the ability to make a meaningful contribution to society in terms of some form of paid employment in the long term, I am often asked to wonder if it is an attitude across the whole spectrum of politics. My response is while the Tories are far from perfect, Labour has certainly successfully hijacked the moral highground on the issue of disability and used it for their own socialism agenda.

The problem with this is that their real understanding of disability issues is at an all time low point, as it probably is with most things. I would agree that New Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had a comprehensive understanding of disability issues based on the views of many different sections of the disability community. Nowadays, Labour is solely interested in the desires of the sick movement, creating a negative medical model agenda.

The sick movement is based on the viewpoint of people who are in the angry stage of adjusting to their new state as people with manageable impairments. They may be functionally ready to return to some kind of paid employment, which may be different to what they were doing previously, but they are emotionally not ready to accept their new state of being. This means their anger is directed at the government and benefit assessors who tell them the truth they are not ready to her.

Putting the sick movement in charge of Labour’s disability policy is like making new victims of crime court judges, a very dangerous idea as everyone else’s rational viewpoint will be ignored in preference to decisions based on anger and bitter emotion. Because no one else understands what is going on, as I remain an isolated viewpoint, the sick movement’s medical model understanding of human rights and ‘social barriers’, as a corrupted version of the social model, as seeped into the general lexicon of disability political correctness.

This is why the United Nations and the Equality and Human Rights Commission has been so happy to demonise the meaningful inclusion of people with impairments, particularly in terms of paid employment, because it contridicts of welfare based agenda of the sick movement which regards having an impairment as no longer being to contribute to the workforce from a marist perspective. The United Nation has recently confirmed this demonising by accusing anyone who believes people with impairments have a place in the workforce and not on Labour’s ‘valued’ scrapheap is calling people with impairments ‘parasites’. The benefit scrounger rhetoric has infact been a product of the sick movement itself to demonise any efforts to support them into employment.

There is a battle for disability, between the dark evil of Labour’s medical model welfare agenda and the Tory’s bright good social model support for meaningful inclusion. While the Tories have in reality the moral highground in hindsight in standing up for disabled people, they are very bad at defending us from the endless and hostile attacks from left wing activists, allowing inclusion to be further demonised as human rights is used to argue for our continued oppression. When the United Nations is demanding the mass exclusion of disabled people in the name of rights as social security as inferior beings is all we can expect, you know that things have become slightly fucked.

I do have my silent supporters in this battle and they are growing as Corbyn is open about his hatred of reality and disabled people’s inclusion. It is still however many years before this battle against catastrophe of hate is understood by history as the world enters generally the most dangerous era of political beliefs since World War Two.


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