I need to feel I have a place in society

In recent weeks I have been reflecting on what are the triggers that cause me to become annoyed, particularly in terms of what I read on Twitter. My conclusion is that what annoys me the most is when I feel my value in society is being undermined, especially when others do not see things in the manner I do.

The bottom line is most political activists and commentators, even those who regard themselves as forward thinking see impairment as a welfare issue wrapped up in the language of compassion and rights. While their call for ‘the sick and disabled’ to receive the benefits ‘they deserve’ may indeed be well meaning and hard for anyone to disagree with, it is important to understand the real message being peddled in the name of socialism and ‘disabled people’.

Should I receive the support I need to participate society? Ofcourse! Can every person with impairment immediately find work they can do that will meet living expenses? Obviously not! But this is job done and does this really give Jeremy Corbyn the right to clean he cares about when he is simply using ‘helping the disabled’ as a cheap shot against Osbourne, when both parties are as bad as each other? Why do socialist who claim they care people as they are impaired themselves have to label me a ‘nasty Tory’ simply because I believe people with impairments as a real place in society rather than just inferior beings who need money, pity and money. We also need to  remember it is less than  12 months ago since my Labour MP told me to my face he was unable  to support my right to be protects against the threat of ‘assisted dying’.

I need to feel I have a place in society and I should not have to feel I am politically incorrect as well as cyber-bullied because I hate the endless socialist rhetoric that informs the public I am an inferior being, often by the many ‘disabled’ and ‘non-disabled’ led charities that profits from keeping being like me excluded, disempowers and isolated. Their power tools including the myth of hate crime, as believing I am not inferior and I have to take responsibility for my actions is somehow evil,  justifies locking up people in homes run by fat cat charities supported by ‘user led organisations’ who will now do almost anything to survive, even if it harms the people  they claim to represent..

My value in society is not being eroded by the government, which is not as relevant as Corbyn’s anti-anything army would like us to believe for people with impairmens, but by the many so-called  ‘sick and disabled’ social movements who are more prejudiced as than general public, bullying anyone who refuses to ‘pity the disabled’. They do not want equality, or inclusion, or the latest buzz word of dignity, but simply money  without accountability.

Politics is going full circle and in the bigger picture, I think we are very sadly seeing the ingredients for a new worldwide crisis. While people with impairments may have achieved many improvements in the last 40 years, I fear it is still based on the values and assumptions led by the international  eugenics movement over 100 years ago.

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