Do I have a chip on my shoulder?

One of the things that other ‘disabled people’ like to throw at me when they are trying to undermine what I am saying is to suggest that I have a chip on my shoulder. Their implication is the reason I disagree with them, and therefore from their perspective, the viewpoint of every sane person, is that I have unresolved emotional issues that simply makes me incapable of ‘rational debate’, which is their code for not absolutely agreeing with them.

I clearly find these remarks slightly hurtful, as anyone would, but I am happy to reflect upon them. I believe that firstly I have a very stable impairment emotionally, even with my mild bipolar, and over the years, I have worked through many of the hang-ups I had. This has provided me with a level of pride and confidence which many people see as arrogance as people with impairments are not supposed to be happy with themselves.

I believe it is often the people who are attacking me that will have a chip on their shoulders as they will likely be less accustomised to their impairment and will be working through the adjustment process. They are the ones who shout at the government in a hostile manner with left wing rhetoric and misunderstandings. I am merely standing up against them with the same voracity as them. But as disabled people, they are not used to being challenged as I do not fear them in the way the general public does.

The one beef I have with society is that I do not like anyone being written off as being unable to contribute in some way to society. Most people assume having what they see as disability is a form of social death, where your responsibilities to society cease. They see disability rights only in terms of the compassionate warehousing of inferior beings as the UN supports from my perspective. They hate me pointing this out but they are unable to respond with an intellectual debate. Saying disabled people can work if they want to is as the inferior beings they have defined, not as the citizens I believe they are.

Many activists know I am a very powerful campaigner with a lot of expertise and experience to bring to any cause I decide to support. They believe if only I would accept their perspective of the world, which they regard as the only way good people can think, they would be delighted to work with me, which they believe I would be extremely grateful for. Because I see through the many carrots and sticks presented to recruit me, staying firm to my set of beliefs, they only response they have is to suggest there is something mentally wrong with me, therefore exposing their prejudice to people with mental health issues.

My conclusion is, therefore, I do not have a chip on my shoulder, I simply do not suffer fools gladly. Other activists may be able to abuse the emotions of people with impairments generally for their political objectives, causing a climate of fear and stress they take pleasure and satisfaction from, but I am an individual who stands up for my beliefs and supporting the meaningful inclusion of all people with impairments in society as citizens. If they attack this then they need to be prepared for the consequences when a few of us fight back from the oppression they have created.


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