Sunshine, Cycling and Mental Health

While I have had my new Tomcat Bullet Trike since February, I have been waiting for the weather to turn nice before I started to go out on it. After what has undoubtedly been a long winter, last Thursday (19th April) I finally felt ready to take it around the park for a spin.

Dressed in my customised skinsuit, as looking the part is half the fun, it was great to finally get out and cycle, even if for now it was just around the park. As my confidence builds, as I now plan to cycle more as time and energy allow, I hope to go further afield around my hometown of Coventry, including the War Memorial Park a few miles away.  This would require more confidence using pavements and crossing roads.

The mixture of the sunshine and the effort of cycling is very good for my mental health. Experience has made me very away of my mental health and my moods, and the need to stay in control of my mood. This is made more difficult due to my mild bipolar. As an intelligent and passionate person who sometimes see the world different to others, I often have a build up of emotional energy that needs to be released somehow.

Often it is released by ranting at my computer because news and comments I have read that have frustrated me. While this is better than other possible ways to release this energy, like self-harm, it is still not ideal. And this is where the Trike comes in as I can literally peddle my frustrations away.

As Spring grows into Summer, I plan to use the Trike more for its intended purpose, to help me release emotional energy. The best time to do this is in the mornings before breakfast, when I have the most physical energy. Before my morning shower, I can change into my cycling clothes, skinsuit and tights if cooler, go cycling, come back, shower and dress for the day ready for a hearty breakfast.

Watch out for more pictures, videos and blogs about my cycling adventures.

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