Why is the United Nations angry the UK Government really includes disabled people?

The last week has seen the United Nations’ Convention of the Rights of People wth Disabilities (CRPD) committee spent two days ranting at the UK government about their record on supporting disabled people, with the assistance of the corrupt so called UK’s user led organisations and other activists, Their annoyance from my perspective is that they are angry the UK gonvernment is really committed to including disabled people in society as contributing adults, as opposed to paying people they have proclaimed unfit for society to sit at home doing nothing out of pity and bigotry.

Their whole argument is based on the misguided medical model assumption that anyone with an impairment, which is everyone, has a right to call themselves disabled, and have access to label based services as oppose to what they actually need. This means it is argued overweight people have the right to a free car , regardless of the cost to the state, pushing the government to make cuts to people with higher support needs, because they have no voice and none of these rights activists care about people they believe should be written off at birth.

The argument is also based on the belief without hesitation that having an impairment makes you an inferior being because their appearance, function or behaviour is different, someone who will never be able to make a full contribution and therefore someone who needs to be looked after in a manner that is passive. While this now out of date movement rejects previous warehousing solutions that have long gone out of fashion, like special schools and residential care, they have merely offered their own range of warehousing solutions like passive benefits and at home care that has no interest in enabling and empowering everyone to move forward with their lives as individuals.

The selfish movement of disabled people has only ever been interested in benefiting the white middle class elite of people with physical impairments who alright had the motivation, social skills and social capital to achieve. The 99% of disabled people who lacked this privilege have either benefited accidentally by schemes like ILF or Access to Work, built on a rights without assessment or responsibility agenda, and these schemes have enabled families and professiionals to institutionalise, disempowered or even abuse them with the ful support of most disabled charities, user led organisations, and activists, who are dependent financially with fat cat salaries on continuing their grave and systematic abuse of disabled people.

They have turned the negative attitudes and bigotry towards disabled people, similar to what existed in nazi germany and fuelled by left wing rhetoric into an industry of abuse that the United Nations has to protect, because of the corrupt money driven agenda to keep disabled people disempowered. The attack of the government by user led organisations and an anti-inclusion United Nations is because this government is no longer fooled by user led organisations promise to deliver inclusion through government funding, After 20 years of empty promises and outright lies to keep disabled people abused similar to how black slave traders kept black people abused, this government is bypassing them to help all disabled people in society.

This country has a long way to go to deliver what I envision for all disabled people and the government is far from perfect, but this country is miles better than any other country in the world. If activists hate this country so much because our government refuses to write off anyone seen as abnormal, warehousing them until eugenics is publicly acceptable, then I suggest they move to another more abusive country so the disabled people who want to live here can enjoy it free from their endless hate speech on how worthless disabled people are as vulnerable pointless burdens. This country is great despite the systematic campaign to make it publicly acceptable to consider disabled people unfit for society and better off dead. This is the real reason for the many so-called benefit deaths, which shows blood on the hands of the left wing medial, user-led organisations, activists, EHRC and the UN.

The UN’s rant and demand the UK systemically abuses disabled people by throwing them on the scrapheap without any assessment or hearing, unlawfully imprisoned against their basic human rights, shows that to save lives and empower disabled people in a meaningful way, it may be time to leave the convention and maybe the UN itself.

I Am Disabled and I Am Not a Socialist

I remember a time when disability politics was simply about the issues, providing improved accessibility and greater rights to people with impairments regardless of who was in power. The disability lobby always received a more friendly ear from Labour than the Conservatives but it was all friendly. But in recent years, as sick people and people with hidden impairments have gained a bigger voice, maybe at the cost of the voice of people with significant impairments (who may on reflection may never have had a voice), the agenda has turned from rights and responsibility to welfare and dependency as a desired goal, as the prejudices towards disabled people by disabled people becomes so much more apparent.
The sad reality of this agenda shift is that I believe the disability agenda as been hijacked by the wider socialist movement. By socialism, I am referring to people whose politics is Left of Labour and purport to believe in social justice. These are the people who enjoy attacking the government whatever the reason, and the supposed welfare cuts affecting disabled people are simply the latest in a long line of bandwagon issues which they have hijacked from anti-capitalism to the Vietman War to further back to beyond my time. Social media has galvanised the damaging power they can weld.
This has led me to believe that currently if you are a disabled activist, or claim to be simply one because by write anti-government tweets, you must be a socialist and that you can not be anything but a socialist. This is because a significant minority of people, claiming to be disabled, also have some link to socialism, and feel they have the absolute right to control the current disability agenda, viciously attacking any disabled person who refuses to go against their victimhood agenda. It is clear that the so-called collective has a dislike for disability despite often being disabled themselves and care less about the damage they are causing to disabled people, so long as they can attack this government.
For myself, the only difference between capitalism and socialism in terms of disability is whether the residential care institution people with significant impairments are locked away in are funded by charities or the state, as neither political ideologies has shown its natural desire to include disabled people as contributing citizens because disability is an issue far more complex than to be properly dealt within the simplification of party politics. As a result, I feel in recent years that the personhood of disabled people has been lost and we are all portrayed as victims dependent on the welfare state.
Like it or not there are only a small minority of the 12 million disabled people plus sick people in the country will ever encounter ATOS, even when they start reassessing people for PIP. But because of this fierce minority full of anger and hatred, who I am as a person is lost like so many others. My hobbies, my interests, my roles in society and so much more of who I am is boiled away until all is left is someone labelled ‘profoundly disabled’ and unemployable, with no means to contribute to society, simply reliant on state charity.
I am tired of this misrepresentation of how I am and I will not be silenced. Why should the silent majority of disabled people, who are also not socialists, suffer and be turned into nonsensical statistics, simply to please this minority? The answer right now is that if you refuse to nod your head when they demand, they will bully and intimidate you until you learn to behave, as they have turned social media into their own version of Room 101. And because the public just sees all disabled people as perfect angels who can do no wrong, they simply get away with it!
Impairment can affect anyone regardless of their background and we must assume that disabled people includes a wide range of viewpoints, just like any group, and it is immoral for any political movement to hijack any group for their own agenda. Diversity must be respected and for too many people, these are empty words as the only diversity they accept is the kind their approve of. What changes the world for the better has never been what a collective majority have wanted but the minority and extreme viewpoints of mavericks who have been prepared to challenge the norm and stand up for what they believed in.
I am disabled and I am not a socialist because I am an individual with my own mind, not a sheep following the latest fad because it is easy.